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Feelin’ It………….

My dude Triankles turned me on to this about a month ago and I keep listening to this over and over. Great chillwave/funk/hip hop from Fort Collins, CO. Just added to the crates (figuratively, as it is only available via download- Thanks Traktor/Serato !). Proof that good music is universal and comes from anywhere.

Dinosaurus Rex- Cosby Sweater
Released 23 March 2012 

First Touch - B.B. & Q Band - Cool Notes - Sound Advice - Juicy - Sherrick - Bill Cosby - Sun - Lillo Thomas - The Isley Brothers - Rhianna - Spence - and Zapp & Roger.

New & previously unreleased beats from Dreas (Dreastronaut).Limited to 100 copies. Each tape (yes cassette tape) comes with download card. Custom artwork by Joshua Grotto (Jash). Label: Galapagos4

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